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CATS at The Hyundai Arts Center

cats HAC

The Hyundai Arts Center has always been a place just off my radar for something to do. Located across the street from the Hyundai Department Store in Dong-gu, it always seemed like a place that was just a little too far away. That was until I heard that the Croatian duo “2Cellos” were playing here on the first leg of their Korean tour.

They played for a sold out show on May 24th and it was a really great time. You have not lived until you have heard AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” played by two Croatian guys using only cellos and a drum kit. It was a night to remember. Sadly, the Hyundai Arts Center strictly forbids photography during the concert so most of what I got from this rockin’ performance were some shaky iPhone shots.

At any rate, coming up in September will be an English language (Korean Subtitles) performance of CATS. This will be the first time this production has performed in Korea in 6 years. Tickets will go on sale on June 16th and will most likely sell out fast.

If you purchase your tickets between June 16th and the 29th you are eligible for  an “Early Bird Discount” If you purchase tickets during that time you will receive a 10% discount on the Saturday show (September 27th) or a 20% discount for the Sunday (September 28th) show.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting the Hyundai Arts Center directly and purchasing them from the information desk on the first floor. Also they can be purchased online by visiting their website (Korean Language only) or by calling them at 052-202-6299.

Ulsan Online will be posting more events from the Hyundai Arts Center on our Events calendar.