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Changes at UlsanOnline.Com

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.  -Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Change is inevitable.  Here at UlsanOnline.Com we’ve gone through many changes, from our first rough and raw html pages to the information-rich site you see today.  Today I am proud to inform you of another change.  I’m pleased to announce that frequent contributor Deirdre Madden has stepped up and assumed the mantle of Co-Editor.

Deirdre originally came to Ulsan for only six months. Six years later, she considers this place a second home. She has taught in a number of hogwans throughout the city, and now works as a writing instructor at UNIST. Previously, she wrote and edited for the now-defunct Ulsan Pear, before earning a postgraduate diploma in journalism. In between work contracts, Deirdre has traveled as much as possible, before returning to Korea for “just one more year”. Besides writing and traveling, her other loves include rock climbing, riding her motorcycle, and finding interesting things to put in care packages for her nieces back home.

For those that haven’t been around for long, Deirdre is the sister Fin Madden,’s founder and former Editor-in-Chief, Fin recently escaped Korea to become Athletic Director at an international school in Cairo, Egypt. Fin was also an Ulsan Pear writer and editor and we’re proud to have  the writing and editing talents of both Maddens.  With Deirdre’s recent diploma in journalism, we’re expecting even more quality news and information to help, entertain and inform you while you are here in Ulsan.

Be sure and tell Deirdre congratulations when next you see her.

We’ve had a number of talented individuals enrich our pages over the nearly three years we’ve been in business.  We are always looking for additional talent for our news and information site. If you are self motivated  and would like to contribute, whether it be writing, photography, graphic design, cartoons, web design and programming, advertising sales or something else you think the site could use, please contact us.