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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Chestnut Trees are Pretty, Spunky

I debated myself about that comma in the headline for quite a while. Are they both pretty and spunky? Or are they just really spunky? From a distance, they have a nice, pale yellow frosting look, as if dabbled with a lemon cream topping.


Up close they have gorgeous seed-heads that sprout wondrous clumps of yellow and white. They are pretty, I decided. And they are spunky. Damn spunky.


Ask a Korean about what these trees smell like and you’ll like get a grin and maybe a laugh. They might say they smell like “Jeong Ja.” Walk near them, or, as I did yesterday, ride your bike full into a patch of them.  You’ll have your own name for what they smell like. Personally, I think they smell like an old west cat-house on cowboy payday.