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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Contacting the Police

After a meeting two weeks ago, here’s the official response from the Ulsan Police Department regarding emergency calls:

By Jung Ji-Won, Chief of Foreign Affairs, Ulsan Police, Department:

Letting you know the ‘3 way system’ in police agency.

If you are in the emergency, you can always call ‘112’.

Are you worried about the language problem?

Don’t worry about that.

For the foreigner that can’t speak Korean, police agency is utilizing the BBB service.

BBB service is a kind of translation system.

When a foreigner reports to the police(Phone number is ‘112’), then Police officer connects the call to the interpreter in a few seconds. After that, reporter(foreigner), Police officer and interpreter can talk to each other.

Whenever you are in emergency, you can call ‘112’.

Korean police will run to you with speed.