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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Creative Taekwondo

creative Taekwando

For foreigners looking to get into shape and achieve a better understanding of Korean culture and etiquette, taekwondo is your best choice. However, the biggest challenge is not just getting your black belt before you leave but finding the right “dojeong” or school. There are so many dojeongs in Ulsan, it can be a difficult choice, not to mention so few speak English. However, Creative Taekwondo has you covered.


Creative Taekwondo offers classes in English for both kids and adults. Master Kim has been teaching the art of Taekwondo in English to foreigners in Ulsan for over 4 years. He has a distinct understanding of how to work with and train foreigners. This is a great advantage over other schools whose main focus is usually looking after Korean elementary school children.

It is important to know that Taekwondo is not about remembering a sequence of steps, but is a holistic approach to exercise and wellbeing.  No matter what your personal goals are, or what your fitness level is, Taekwondo is a fun, confidence boosting and rewarding way to exercise. Taekwondo is Korea’s national sport and the more that you understand about Taekwondo the more insight you gain into Korean culture. 

creative taekwondo

 Taking a class at Creative Taekwondo is a great way to blow off some steam after a long workweek or to finally achieve those fitness goals. However, one of the biggest benefits is making friends as you all work together to achieve your black belt. As students master new skills, they will progress through the belts and obtain their black belt in about a year. 

A typical class will start off with stretching and some meditation. This will prepare the body and mind for the training ahead. Classes usually will then progress to practicing the basic Taekwondo forms, a set pattern of moves unique to each belt level. Then kick and punch training to lead into some sparring. Protective gear is always worn during the sparring to insure the safety of the students.


Schedule and Costs

Adults English Taekwondo class is 8-9pm every weeknight.  The cost is W100,000 per month and you can attend as many nights as you wish.  For those who are unable to attend at night, there will be an 11am class Tuesday and Thursday for W60,000.

**Update** There is also a 6:30 pm Adult class offered

(Please note beginners should also purchase a Taekwondo uniform, which is priced at W30,000)

*For Kids and Teenagers please contact Master Kim.  Creative Taekwondo has several classes a day for different age groups and welcomes foreigners of all ages. .            

Location and Contact

Creative Taekwondo was opened in Mugeodong Ulsan in March 2011.  As of July 2015 the studio has relocated (still very close to Ulsan University in Mugeodong) and is now bigger and better than ever.

Facebook: Ulsan Creative Taekwondo


Mobile: 010-4202-7258

Korean Address: 남구 무거동 대학로 147번길 41-42 효덕빌라 4층 용인대창의태권도

English Address: 4F Yodek B/D 41-42, Daehak-ro 147 Beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan

The studio is searchable in Google Maps as “1536-10, Nam-gu, Mugeo-dong, Ulsan, South Korea”

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