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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Eco Art by Taehwa Rotary

Cubes of cans and giant Rubik’s cubes are not out of place along the river by the Taehwa Rotary. Taehwa River Eco Art Festival will be held there till September 26.

At first glance the 60 or so installations all using recycled materials do not seem like anything special; baseball players on the adjacent fields do not seem to notice and bikers pass by without much of a look. However, I suggest stopping. If you like art, especially the quirky and even the type that challenges your ideas of what art should be (such as painted toilets and rolled up newspapers), it’s worth the 45 minutes of meandering.

I really liked the rows of white ceramic roses that hid faces in their centers, entitled Dreaming Roses by Lee Yong-Jae, not the Korean footballer. And I thought the most impressive piece was the not quite but almost life size baby and grown elephants made of wire entitled “Four-leg Animals for the City” by Cho Young Chul.