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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

First Iphones, now MIRCOBREWs?

Happy Chusok!

News from Ye Olde Chosunilbo newspaper (possibly the world’s most conservative paper) is good. Tasty in fact. The much hated E Myung Bak is opening up a whole new world to South Koreans, decent beer. Like most industries in Korea, the beer industry is dominated by the big 3, OB, cAss and Shite, but to improve competition, get more jobs, and better taste, the government as decided to change the ancient brewing laws. Now, instead of having to produce millions of bottles a year, a brewery will only have to produce a few hundred thousand. This will open the market up to both new beer and new soju companies.

Hopefully, the Korean beer makers will head to Europe this time to learn how to make beers. I once met the retired chief brewmaster of OB. He told me that Old Milwaukee beer was the best beer in the world. That, of course, explains everything. Here’s hoping in the next year we start to see some decent quality, decent priced beer coming out of Korea!