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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Foreigner? How’s life?

Ulsan cityhall is going to try and make all of our lives a little easier. Ulsan has always been one of the most foreign friendly cities in Korea. My memories go back to a trip to the ‘Foreigner Help Center’ in Seoul, where they didn’t speak English and refused to try and help us, as they were only there to help migrant workers…which, I believe, I am. Anyway, Ulsan City hall, and Namgu district office have come together to try and help foreigners. They will be offering some sort of Korean language program and job help center! Namgu already has a desk where you can go and ask for help. Their brochure is in 8 different languages, including Mongolian (finally, somewhere to practice my Mongolian!).

Namgu office is located in Daldong, behind KBS park. City hall is located in City hall.

Look for more information coming soon.