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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Free Child Care!

In an effort to both boost the flagging national birthrate and extend the “working class friendly” policies, Lee Myung-Bak’s administration has included free infant daycare in their 2011 budget.

Anyone making under 4.5 million won per month can expect the government to pay the full cost of daycare for their infants. However, multicultural families, which should interest any of UlsanOnline’s readers who are married with kids, can also expect full daycare costs paid for, regardless of income.

Children up to two years of age would be covered under the new plan. although it wasn’t clear from the article whether that was Korean age two or western age two. Either way, getting daycare costs paid for is quite a bonus for those families with small children.

To read more, click the original article.

Almost makes one want to run out and have a passel of kids, doesn’t it?