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How to Get LASIK in Korea

Many of us wish to correct myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia and finally get rid of our glasses or contact lenses while we are living in Korea.  However, the process may be daunting at first. Getting any kind of surgery in a foreign country can be frightening.  However, at BGN Eye Hospital they have detailed the exact procedure to help you understand the process and feel more comfortable when you come for a visit. 

Step 1 Examination and consultation

The first step for all patients that come in for LASIK is an examination and consultation. BGN Eye Hospital currently offers a free LASIK consultation for everyone who would like to check if they are candidates for Laser Vision Correction. To book an appointment we will require your full name ( like in ARC card), date of birth and contact number. If you use contact lenses you should stop using them at least 4 days before visiting the hospital for soft lenses and  2 weeks for hard or toric lenses. Examination and consultation for Laser Vision Correction lasts for around an hour and a half. We will check all your eye structures, including cornea condition. During the examination, pupil dilation medication (mydriatics) may be used to check your retina if needed. So we highly recommend using public transportation or have someone with you who can drive you back.

After we finish with examination you will see a doctor to check your eyes one more time and explain about your eyes condition. Knowing the possible options, we will proceed with a detail consultation about possible surgeries for each patient individually.

Step 2 Booking a surgery/ Same day surgery

So you got the consultation and decided to proceed with your desired option ( ReLEx SMILE, LASIK,LASEK, ICL). Now there are two options, we can help you to book a surgery on the day you wish or if you wish to proceed with a surgery directly on the examination day it is also possible!

BGN Eye Hospital values the safety of the patients first, that’s why we provide DNA cornea testing for everyone who wish to proceed with Laser Vision Correction surgery. Why we highly recommend to proceed with it? During check-up we cannot see corneal dystrophy (Avellino) on the early stages, and DNA testing is the only way to check it and be sure that laser vision correction is absolutely safe for you. DNA testing fee is included in any type of surgery, so we highly recommend to proceed with it. Usually testing takes 24 to 48 hours, but for patients who wish to have same day surgery we provide fast 2 hour speed result without any extra charge.

Step 3 Surgery Preparation

So we had DNA test and all examinations, now it’s time to have post-surgery precautions information, eye-drops medication instruction and surgery agreement. All the documents including surgery agreement we provide in English for your convenience, explain all details and answer all your additional questions.

Next step would be getting to the surgery room , you don’t need to worry, depending on the surgery type, the whole procedure will only take from 5 to 10 minutes! You will receive all directions both before getting to the surgery room and during the procedure, our English speaking coordinators will do their best for you to feel comfortable all the time in the clinic including being in the surgery room.

After surgery patients may have a rest in the recovery room for 10-15 minutes and after surgeon checks cornea condition return home.

Step 4 Follow up visits

Basically, the full period of recovery for Laser Vision Correction is considered to be around 3 months. Depending on the type of the surgery you must visit the clinic about 3-4 times during this period.

For surgeries with fast recovery ( SMILE or LASIK) you will have to come in the next day, 1 week later and after 3 months. Acknowledging that a large number or our patients come from the Busan nearby cities including Ulsan, we provide a free 1 night hotel service for SMILE and LASIK patients, so they could visit us next day without any inconvenience. And on the next day after the follow up visit, you will be able to get back to work, studies and your normal life.


So as you see Laser Vision Correction procedure rundown from the beginning up to the full recovery is not complicated at all. Moreover with BGN Eye Hospital you will feel our constant support and aftercare through the whole process.

So why should you choose BGN to get your 20/20 vision?

First of all it is high quality of medical services, affordable prices and great service!

For us, the patients’ safety and satisfaction are always our main priorities.

We provide customized surgery choice for each patient, and are always sure to get the best outcome. Worried about the secondary vision decrease? In rare cases if secondary surgery is needed its also a part of BGN`s guarantee. Comfortable parking, free coffee shop, Saturday appointments and surgeries, hotel service and 24/7 English support, that’s what we provide for our patients. Moreover we have a special promotion only for Ulsan Online readers. Please let us know if you found us through Ulsan Online and get post-surgery eye-drops worth 100,000 KRW for any kind of surgery (LASEK,LASIK, SMILE).

Laser Vision Correction at BGN starts as low as 990,000 KRW for both eyes for LASEK, so don’t hesitate and get rid of your glasses to get 20/20 vision in 2020!

For consultation and booking free Lasik examination you can contact:

BGN Eye Hospital at 010-7670-3995

BGN Main Website BGN’s Facebook Page BGN’s Instagram

kakao: eye1004bgnbusan


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