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How to Renew Your Passport in Ulsan

There may come a time when you have to renew your passport. Being in Ulsan, makes this a little more difficult than places like Seoul or even Busan. If you are travelling to countries like China, you will need 6 months or more on your passport to get a visa. Thus, you may find yourself trying to figure out how to renew your passport easily in Ulsan is a must. This will be an ongoing article as we collect information on how to renew your passport from as many countries as we can. If you want to contribute please email us at

**Important** Once you renew your passport, YOU MUST REPORT THE CHANGE TO IMMIGRATION WITHIN 2 WEEKS! or face a fine. The fine will start at 50,000 won and go up to 1 million won depending on the amount of time elapsed. The process takes less than 10 minutes and all you need is your new passport and a photocopy of the picture page. You can get a copy made at the immigration office as well for 100 won. 


The easiest way to renew your Canadian in Ulsan is arguably by mail. You can travel to Busan or Seoul to do it in person but you have to go during business hours and that may cause an issue. However, it is also much easier to pop into your local post office and get it all done. If you want to go to Busan, here is a great guide for you. However, the Honorary Consulate in Busan is in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, it is in an office in a factory…

Fill Out The Forms

You will need to fill out the Adult Abroad Simplified Passport Renewal Form PPTC 483 (click to download). There are some important things in this form. If you have a valid visa in your passport, then click the box to have your old passport returned to you. The second thing is that you no longer need a guarantor,  just 2 people that are not your relatives who have known you for longer than 2 years.

Print The Forms

If you do not have access to a printer, then head to a PC bong or Guam in Samsandong. You can print the form and sign it. For your signature, just read the instructions and stay within the box. When you print the form it will have the photo instructions on the last page of the form. I would recommend taking that into the photo studio and showing them.

Get Your Photos

Ask for a 여권 사진 “YEO-GWAN SAJIN” and then instruct the photographer not alter the photo by saying 사진수정하지마세요 “SAJIN SU-JEONG HAJI MA SAY-YO” or 포토샵하지마세요 “PHOTOSHOP HAJI-MA-SAY-YO” and then also get them to write their address on the back.

I usually go to BK Photo in Samsandong to get my photos done. They can understand English a bit and know the process as I have gone to them for a few passport photos. It takes about an hour to print and the cost is reasonable.

Go To The Post Office

Now it is time to get your form, your expired passport, any supporting documents (citizenship cards and whatnot), your 2 identical photos with the address on the back, and then get your certified cheque. Inside the post office, go to the bank side and take a number. Ask for a 통상환증서 “tong-sang-hwan-jeung-seo” and pay the appropriate fee. The current passport fees are 215,800 won for a 10 year passport and 157,700 won for the 5 year passport. A complete list of the fees can be found here.

Then put everything into an envelop and send it off to Seoul. The address of the Canadian Embassy is:

21, Jeongdong-gil (Jeong-dong), Jung-gu
Seoul, 04518
South Korea

Complete contact information is here

Wait For Your Passport

It should take around 20 business days to get your passport back. So keep that in mind when you are getting everything ready. If there is an issue, the Embassy may call you. This could delay the process a bit. Otherwise, it will be sent as a registered mail and possibly needing a signature. If you are at work or school all day, then you might want to have it mailed to your office and have someone sign for it there. Otherwise, your apartment security guard can also sign for it as well.


Unlike Canada, the UK makes things a lot easier. The process is done online and the photos can be taken by a friend or yourself.

First go to their website here  and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Follow these instructions:

Samantha Pett explains that the process is extremely simple and that you can track it online. Noting that once everything is approved you just need to send in your old passport via Gold EMS service and then your passport should arrive in a few weeks.

Other Countries:

Please email us with instructions on how to renew your nation’s passport here in Ulsan at and I will add them to this article.