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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

I knew this country was weird

Browsing through the Korean Criminal code, I believe I’ve stumbled upon one of the strangest laws on the books. It is “Offences against non-carbon higher order life”. For those of you who’ve forgotten your grade 10 biology ‘higher order’ means intelligent…and all life forms on earth (except some breathing slime found at the bottom of the ocean on thermal vents) is carbon based. So, who are these laws protecting?

From the English version (found here) you can read that “non-Carbon higher order lifeform recognized as having self-awareness and intelligence that has either been created by non-evolutionary (artificial means) or from another terrestrial planet”.

Which leads me to wonder..has anyone ever been found guilty of this? Has a Korean killed ET? Defeated the Predator and been sued?

or are YOU the alien in question…