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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Important Dates for 2017

National Holidays for 2017

Seollal (설날) Jan. 27th ~ 30th

One of the most important holidays of the year. Most shops and stores will be typically only closed on the 28th. The rest of the days most places like shopping centers are usually open. Traffic is problematic and should be avoided. Travel and plane tickets are usually sold out as many people are heading home for the holidays.

Independance Movement Day (삼일절) Mar. 1st

This marks the Declaration of Independence proclaimed on March 1, 1919, while Korea under Japanese colonization. The biggest ceremony will be held at Topgol park in Seoul.

Buddha’s Birthday (석가탄신일) May 3rd

One of the more beautiful holidays across the country. Temples around Ulsan will be decorated with stunning displays of lanterns and there will be a parade that flows through the city.

Children’s Day (어린이날) May 5th

This is day for kids to blow off some steam. Schools and hogwans should be closed and places like Ulsan Grand Park will be overflowing with kids having fun. Special performances will be held throughout the city.

Memorial Day (현충일) June 6th

Similar to Western Remembrance Day practices, this day is set aside to honour those who gave their lives defending Korea.

Liberation Day (광복절) Aug. 15th

This day marks the day when Japan surrendered and Korea was liberated.

National Foundation Day (개천절) Oct. 3rd

This day marks the founding of the nation of Korea in 2333 bc.

Chuseok (추석) Oct. 3 ~6th (the 6th is a substitute holiday)

Another major holiday in Korea. Again, roads and highways will be backed up due to holiday traffic. Train tickets should be reserved well in advance. Special activities will be going on throughout the country.

Hangul Day (한글날) Oct. 9th

Commemorating the creation of the Korean alphabet.

Christmas Day (크리스마스) Dec. 25th

Christmas is observed in Korea as a national holiday but sadly you only get one day off. Celebrations will be help in places like Ulsan Grand park and Samsandong.