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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Internet Addiction – How Bad is it in Korea?

Apparently, real bad.  One Korean couple‘s addiction was so profoundly bad that they starved their newborn baby to death.

The father and mother played games online for six to twelve hours each day respectively at a PC gaming room.

While they were away from home, the baby cried all day in her nursery from hunger, but no one was around to give her milk.

This come as no surprise. Every week, in an attempt to get them to speak English, I ask my students to describe their weekend. More often than not, I get “I played computer games” which includes Starcraft, Sudden Attack, Maple Story and a zillion other games.

A sad tale indeed. I’d write more, but I’m too busy kicking hungry and affection starved puppies away from my computer chair as I write this article.