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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Kyeongju Bomun Live-Ammo Target Range

Kyeongju Bomun Live-ammo Target range – 경주보문 실탄사격장


The Verdict: Good for a stop by, but hardly a day at the range.  It’s more expensive than a lot of places, but where else can you fire live ammo in Korea?

The target range in Kyeongju has 17 different pistols to borrow in 3 or 4 different calibers – including a PPK they describe as having become famous “as a gun used by James Bond in the 007 series”, and a couple of .357 magnum revolvers.In Kyeongju, near Bomun Resort and sharing a building with an ATV rental place, is the closest live-ammunition target place to Ulsan.  There’s the Munsu Stadium target range, but that uses Olympic-style airguns.


Their prices are somewhat disappointing, as was the necessity to keep the gun tied on a rope.  People must drop guns frequently, I guess.DSC00560

They didn’t check my ID, but they had me write down my passport number.

The range offers (and indeed for most people coming in, demands) one-on-one assistance from the staff.  In terms of pricing – it’s about 20,000 won for 10 rounds in anything outside .357 magnum, and 25,000 for 10 rounds of .357.  There’s some modestly “discounted” special combinations, where you can shoot ten rounds of two, three, or all four calibers for variety. The target range is geared towards people who have never used guns before, or haven’t used pistols since mandatory military service.

I shot ten rounds each of 9mm auto, .38 special, and .357 magnum for 60,000 altogether.



I did my best shooting with the .357 magnum – in their top ten since last year, in fact.

I need more practice, though, and I’m not about to get it there.  I’m not made of money.

Speaking of money –  if you’re Japanese, you’ll pay double.  At least the English and Korean cards have the same pricing.  My advice, if you’re Japanese?  Don’t go to a shooting range that discriminates against you in this way – save your money.


사격장 위치 : 보문단지내 대명콘도 옆(현대호텔 방향) 현대 스쿠터 2층.


( 경상북도 경주시 신평동 611-15 )

버스 이용시 :

– 고속, 시외버스 맞은편 버스정류장에서 10번, 16번, 18번 버스 승차 -> 조선호텔 하차

(현대호텔 방향으로 도보로 5분)

자가용 이용시 :

– 시내방향에서 진입시 : 보문삼거리에서 좌회전 -> 현대호텔 지나 약 400m 직진 후 우측에 위치

– 동해안방향에서 진입시 : 경주월드 삼거리에서 우회전 -> 물레방아를 지나 약 600m 직진 후 좌측에 위치

영업시간 :

– (평일) 11:00 ~ 21:00.

– (주말) 10:00 ~ 22:00. 연중무휴

대표번호 : 054-741-4007 / (FAX) 054-742-9007

E – Mail :

How to get there: Your best bet is to take a train to Kyeongju station, and then take a taxi from there.