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NB Clinic: English-Speaking Skin Clinic in Samsandong


**Update August 2015*** Doctor Kim Su Mi has gone to Busan. However, Doctor Park Min Woo and staff speak English as well. 

We get asked a lot of questions over on our facebook page and aside from the usual “where can I find an English-speaking dentist?” there is usually a question with regards to health. NB Clinic (Natural Beauty) is a skin clinic located in Samsandong, next to Outback Steakhouse and offers a wide range of services.

photo by NB clinic

photo by NB clinic

Now, I can understand if you are wondering “Why would a regular foreigner in Ulsan go to a Korean skin clinic?” the truth of the matter is that NB clinic does more than just aesthetics. Both owners are experienced medical doctors, so you can be assured that you are getting the best possible treatment for any skin problem that you may have. However, if the condition is serious they will direct you to a hospital.


Skin Care

NB Clinic offers a wide range of services to help with your skin problems. If you have problems with acne, allergies, and other skin conditions they can give you the proper medicine and treatment to take care of it.  The doctor also mentioned they also offer a solution to reduce the appearance of moles and freckles as well.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

What NB clinic doesn’t just specialize in skin care. They also offer sophisticated laser hair removal. Which was also mentioned before on Ulsan Online. This is a great solution for both men and women who want to be a little less shaggy for the summer season. While there are many places around that can do waxing, NB clinic gives a semi-permanent solution. While the hair may grow back, according to the doctors, it will grow back slowly and much thinner than before.

only at NB clinic

only at NB clinic

Hair Treatment

For those like myself who are not so concerned with hair removal but rather keeping the hair that they have, NB clinic has one of the best hair treatment facilities in Ulsan. They have some highly specialized equipment to help regrow or transplant hair.

These services are some of the best in Ulsan. Some of the equipment used in the clinic is not available anywhere else in Ulsan. Which is why many people head there rather than the usual “high-mo” places that you see advertised around town.


Other Services

Finally, they offer a whole host of other services ranging from botox to obesity control. While this may not appeal to everyone in Ulsan, we come from all places and backgrounds and thus I am putting this out there. NB clinic has a wide variety of services that may help solve some problems that you may have been dealing for a while now but had no idea where to go.

NB Clinic offers state of the art anti-aging treatment on site as well. From non-invasive facelifts to collagen stimulators design to take years off your face. They also can remove crows-feet and wrinkles with relatively painless laser treatment. All of these procedures are done using clean, safe and state-of-the-art equipment.



NB Clinic is extremely clean and super professional. I had a chance to tour the clinic before writing this article and from what I saw, there is not speck of dust in the entire place. Also I noted that the equipment is all relatively new and extremely well maintained.

The changing area is also worth noting. There are lockers for you to put your clothes and belongings in, should you need to. They are clean and look almost like a dressing room for a celebrity. To be honest, much of the clinic looks very clean and upscale.

Doctor Kim Soo Mi

Doctor Kim Su Mi

Owner Park Min Woo

Owner Park Min Woo

Booking an Appointment

As stated in the article on the hair removal, they are comfortable with foreigners calling and booking appointments. Should there be any problems, ask for Kim Su Mi who is the female doctor and co-owner. She speaks English well and can help you out. To book an appointment call 052-261-7553


Location and Hours

The NB clinic is located on the 6th Floor in the building right next to the Outback Steakhouse in Samsandong.

They are open weekdays from 10am – 7pm. Tuesdays and Fridays 10am – 9pm. Saturdays only 10 am – 2 pm.


Bus and Taxi Information

Buses: 246, 407, 507, 702 The bus stop is in front of where Bennigan’s used to be from there you will see the building.

Taxi: “Samsandong Outback ka-ju-sey-yo” is the best thing to say. All taxi drivers know outback and there is a taxi stand across the street from the clinic for your return trip. Most taxis will also be parked in front of the clinic and outback as well.