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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

New Bus Routes to KTX Ulsan Station

Over the past few days I have gathered together and created a few more pages of bus routes, primarily for the new KTX Ulsan Station.

In case you’re new here to Ulsan  – or you’ve been in a cave and haven’t noticed –  Ulsan now has KTX service, the high speed rail to various places around the peninsula. Where previously one had to endure a long bus ride or a relatively slow train to get to Seoul, now we’re on the fast track and get around to just about anywhere quickly.

Because of that welcome new addition, a few changes were required. For one, the city decided to change the name of the train station. The new Ulsan Station is located in Eonyang. The previously named Ulsan Station, which was in Samsandong, has been renamed Taewha River Station. Don’t get confused if you previously wanted to go downtown and your taxi driver takes you to Eonyang when you told him “Ulsan yeok, gachuseyo.”  Another change is that a few buses were added to accommodate the new KTX station and consequently I’ve added the bus routes to our pages so that you, poor non-Korean-non-Hangeul-reading-waygookin that you are,  can easily make your way to the new KTX for that lightening fast train ride.

The new bus routes are 12, 13, 63, 67, 2100, 2300, 3000, 5001, 5002, 5003 and 5004. Some of the new routes actually don’t go to the KTX station, but travel through the outer reaches of the Ulsan areas such as Yangsan, Nopodong or Eonyang and do actually  travel into Ulsan in places. I added them just to complete the Ulsan bus routes. Ulsan Traffic Information Systems, from which I scarfed up the maps, has also changed their mapping ActiveX application and the maps look quite a bit different from other, previously existing bus routes. I trust you’ll be ok with that.

Of course, you can still search for your destination using the Bus – By Destination search engine or the Bus – By Number search.

I’m not a fan of the buses and haven’t ridden any of these new routes. If I’ve made a mistake, in destination or stops, please let me know.