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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

New Immigration Office Location (May 2012)

Finally, after years of having to trek out to the ends of the Earth (or Jangsangpo, which is kind of the same thing), the Ulsan immigration office has moved out of the portlands and into the heart of the city. The new location is in Daldong (City Hall/KBS Hall neighbourhood). Here is the post from Kevin Pope:

Ulsan Immigration Office – NEW LOCATION

○ Grand Opening: 2012. 5 29 (Tue) 09:00

○ New Location: Ulsan, 873-6, Namgu, Daldong Samhobilding

(across from Ulsan Chamber of Commerce)

○ Jurisdiction: Ulsan, Gyeongju

○ The main business – alien registration, Nationality, visa, investigation, shipping, overseas Koreans reported residence, various certificates Issuance

○ Point of Contact: ☎ 1345, 052-279-8000 ~ 7

Here is the Daum Map showing the location for visual reference, or plug “873-6 Daldong Namgu” into Google Maps.