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New Sports and Recreations – Ice Hockey!

Today I added information on Ice Hockey to the Sports and Recreation pages on UlsanOnline. For those interested in playing or watching live-action ice hockey right here in Ulsan, check it out.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve added several new entries to the sports and recreation section, with Deirdre Madden recently penning articles on Hiking, and Go-Karts. We are continuing to add new content to the site daily, only a  portion of which is sports and recreation. But the sports page seems a little…light.   I currently have placeholders for articles on Whale Watching, Ulsan-area beaches and paintball (Survivor) and am hoping someone takes the hint and writes up an article with how/where/when information on these activities.

But there are many more we could publish information about. For the expats readers of this site, we are all half a world (or more) away from home. Having some small taste of that life embodied in a beloved hobby or sport can make a tremendous difference in our lives here. If you have a recreational activity that you currently enjoy here in Ulsan and want to share it with others, please let us know. We’ll be happy to help expand your circle of like-minded friends. We have no information on any organized, regularly scheduled sports such as baseball, softball, basketball or hashing. Nor do we have any information on any ongoing hobby groups that people might be interested in joining.

If you’ve got a group activity that you enjoy and wish to share with others, please let us know the particulars.  Conversely, if you’d like to join a group activity that we have no information about, we’ll try and stir up some information.