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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Reel Rock Tour

Tickets are on sale now. Seated tickets will be capped at 300, however if those sell out, there will be standing room/boulder pad seats available.

 HOW TO PURCHASE TICKETS (10,000 in advance, 15,000 at the door)

  • call Sunny in Korean, 010-2773-7947
  • call Brian in English, 010-9799-6511
  • email to
  • ONLINE at

Special Discounts and Options

  •  GYM DISCOUNT — This is only for the Korean gym owners…please let them know for groups of 5 or more, we will discount the complete cost of the tickets by 20%…They just need to call the number on the image! This is not for foreigners…sorry! Technically if you come with a gym, maybe, but hopefully you can understand the spirit of it!  If you know a climbing gym owner, please email them this link, or print and had this pdf file to them.
  • “Replace a Route” & “Make a Donation” Programs  If they can’t make the event, or are busy, or for many folks/gym owners our korean mates, it’s simply too far to go to Seoul and expensive for one night! Have them go online and make a donation…50,000W gets them a free t-shirt. The REPLACE A ROUTE program, lets gym owners and groups of people get together and purchase an entire route..we will then use those funds to replace the route in 2012, guaranteed. There have been only about 10 routes added …but they are adding more everyday.