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ReLEx Smile: The Future of Laser Eye Surgery

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In 2019 we’re not yet in the business of space exploration or active stem cell therapy, however, we are at the forefront of the exciting and incredibly advanced changes in the field of vision correction.

The newest revolutionary technique providing patients a new eyesight in a fast and effective manner, is called the ReLEx SMILE surgery. With the minimally invasive treatment, it is now possible to perform an eye surgery through a keyhole operation, without the need of separating a corneal flap from the eye, as it used to be in LASIK.

Whereas in earlier days a whole door needed to be opened, nowadays, the operation can be performed through the keyhole. This means that the ReLEx technique is a completely new method in the world of eye laser surgery. The execution of this very complex procedure obviously requires specialist skills that you can get at BGN Eye Hospital, that has been performing SMILE procedure for over 7 years and has experience of over 350,0000 refractive surgeries.

As during surgery only a small incision of 2 mm is done on the cornea, recovery process of the ReLEx method is remarkably smoother than for the other techniques. Immediately after the intervention the eye starts healing. For most patients, the eye recovers so fast that in the evening they are capable already of reading the subtitles on TV. Within 24 hours patients can get back to normal activities, working or studying. As well as patients can back to all kinds of activities including swimming, sport, sauna and ball games as soon as after 1 week.


ReLEx SMILE is also a great solution for patients with a thinner cornea, because this technique doesn’t require the creation of a corneal flap as it is the case with LASIK. Therefore, the treatment is less dependent on the thickness of the cornea.

The reason why only limited deviations can be corrected with the traditional laser eye surgeries is that the higher the deviation, the more tissue needs to be removed from the cornea. For some patients, the cornea is not thick enough to remove the necessary tissue after the creation of the corneal flap. As the ReLEx SMILE treatment is performed through an extremely precise miniscule hole at the side of the eye, the front side of the cornea remains intact, allowing for the treatment of larger deviations. Therefore, the method can be applied on a larger number of patients.

Eye Dryness was also one of the main issues for patients who did LASIK or LASEK surgeries. SMILE, as a minimally invasive surgery shows much less dryness after surgery compared to conventional refractive surgery techniques.

During ReLEx method, the state-of-the-art Carl Zeiss VisuMax laser is used. This is the only femtosecond laser that limits the pressure on the eyes (this is why you don’t feel anything during the treatment) and which is more precise than any other laser.

The revolutionary approach and technology used in SMILE greatly improves safety, speed, and effectiveness of the procedure, and as result makes for a patient experience that is extremely hard to beat — now, or in the future.

If you would like to learn more about ReLEX SMILE surgery, or book a free vision correction consultation to check if you are a candidate for a refractive surgery, contact BGN Eye Hospital at:

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