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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

The Best Places to Take a Date in Ulsan

Words and Photos by Ashley Hatcher

Although Valentine’s Day is over, that doesn’t mean the romance doesn’t need to stop. You could take your date to the typical coffee shop or dinner and a movie but where’s the fun in that? I’ve compiled a list of unique ideas to take a date around Ulsan, but of course all of these activities are perfect to do with friends as well.

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Dog Cafe/Cat Cafe

There are many around Ulsan but my personal favorite is Puppy Mama (퍼피마마). They have many different dog breeds of all sizes including a sheep dog, a golden retriever, and a couple bulldogs. As with all the dog and cat cafes I’ve been to, admission is generally included with the cost of a drink (around $8). If both of you love animals, this would be a great place to spice up a typical coffee date. Who doesn’t love cute puppies and kitties?

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Address: 울산광역시 남구 왕생로 79

Directions: 3 blocks behind New Core outlet in Samsandong. It’s located on the 2nd floor

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Couple Rings

For those of you that don’t know, couple rings are very popular among young Korean couples, usually given around the 100 day mark. Although we are already married, we thought it would be a fun experience. We went to울산반지공작소 near the big Cube in Seognam-dong. For two rings it cost $90 and took about 1 1/12 hours to complete; it definitely required a bit of elbow grease! It was so much fun making rings for each other. They have many designs to choose from and you can even make your own inscription. This place is also not just for couples as there was a group of friends making rings when we were there. The shop owner speaks a little bit of English but he shows you how to do everything. He even takes pictures of you making your rings so you can remember your experience. I recommend making an appointment on Facebook messenger.

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Address: 울산광역시 중구 학성로 63-1

Directions: It’s located next to Cubic Plaza in Seongnamdong


If you don’t know what a multi-bang is, you basically rent out a really awesome living room for a couple of hours. There are many in the Seongnam area, but we usually go to Tomato Multi-bang (토마토멀티방) because it’s the easiest to find.  They have board games, snacks, karaoke, a computer, movies, and a Wii console. My personal favorite is the dancing game (I can’t remember the name of it) and Mario Kart. If I remember correctly it’s about $20 for 4 hours.

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Address: 울산광역시 중구 젊음의거리 30-3

Directions: Near youth street in Seongnamdong. It’s located on the 2nd floor.

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Cake Decorating

At내가만든미케익 (The Cake I’ve Made), although you don’t actually get to make cakes, you get to decorate them which is just as fun. They have many different flavors and shapes to choose from, including cupcakes. They also teach you how to do the general piping around the cake so it doesn’t look an utter disaster but other than that, you are free to let your creative genius let loose! They have a multitude of toppings to choose from which you purchase individually. I think including all the toppings, our cake cost about $30. We were absolutely terrible at cake decorating but it was a really fun experience that I’ll never forget. It would also be perfect for birthdays.

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Seongnamdong Address: 울산광역시 중구 만남의거리 26 (located on the 3rd floor)

Mugeondong Address:울산광역시 남구 대학로76번길 7-20

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Dance Lessons

There’s nothing quite so exciting as learning how to dance. Gentlemen take note, ladies love a man that can dance! It’s fun for both couples to learn how to dance together or for singles to meet people. My favorite spot is Anell’s Salsa Club (아넬 살사클럽) in Seongnam. Anell’s lessons are taught in Korean but she does speak English and will make sure her foreign students are up to speed. Lessons for beginners are at 8pm on Friday nights and afterwards there’s a dancing social. If you just want a drink and watch all the dancers, that’s welcome as well. Entry is $10 and includes a beer or cocktail.

More Info

Address: 울산광역시 중구 중앙길 107

Directions: Located a block away from JJ’s Bar (be sure to stop by for a drink after dancing!)

For more information on salsa dancing in Ulsan, join this facebook group

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Taehwa River Grand Park

My husband and I enjoy riding our bikes along the river path and stopping here for a picnic. Perfect for those that are a little more budget conscious. The bamboo forest is a little small but it’s nice to be surrounded by all the bamboo. It’s especially nice in the springtime because of all the flowers blooming in the nearby fields. There are also many coffee shops to choose from nearby all with lovely views of the park. In summer and fall, a lot of festivals are held here.

Address: 태화강대공원 (not to be confused for Ulsan Grand Park)

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Daewangam Park

Although this has been mentioned on Ulsan Online before, I couldn’t leave it off my list as it is the spot where my husband proposed to me. It was just a beautiful setting with all the evergreen forest, the rocky cliffs, and the view of the ocean. I also enjoy going to Ilsan beach, which is nearby. We live out in Guyeongri so it’s quite the trek for us to Dong-gu but it’s absolutely lovely here. Plus there are so many great choices for nice western food! It’s definitely a place in Ulsan not to be missed.

Address: 대왕암공원

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