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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

The Ulsan Online Guide to Using the Bidet

If you are  new to Korea and have encountered a friendly warm toilet seat and a set of buttons next to it, but have wondered what exactly they do, then here is your guide!

Objective: Use Bidet Effectively

It is no mystery that toilet technology has come a long way in Korea. There is an actual museum dedicated to toilets here as well! While Japan may get all of the attention for their “polite” toilets that play soft music to cover up your “business” noises, Korean bidet technology, in my opinion, is far superior. In fact, in 2021 most newer apartments and hotels are now equipped with these amazing little devices. However, the biggest issue is how to use it effectively.

Most newer bidet systems have a sensor that will detect when your butt is on the seat that will signal to system so that you can clean your rear-end only and not half bathroom at the same time or before you even sit down.  

This is the basic guide to using a Bidet.  So models and functions may vary according to the brand.  Some Bidets may have a pink button with a smiling woman.  This may be for clear the “up front” parts but feel free to experiment. The common functions are usually 세정 which is your basic butt wash. 비데 is for women, as noted before. There may be a 괘변 which doesn’t really translate that well. However, from what I have heard, it shoots a stream of water up your “poop chute” to help loosen things up a bit, if you are having troubles. Finally, when you are all finished there might be a 건조 feature that is basically a butt blow dryer. Now, depending on the model, you may have features to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water and possible the toilet seat heater as well.

Google can be a bit of a help but what is “good luck” ????

I hope this helps those of you that run into a Bidet.  Use it, it’s definitely an interesting experience and one you may grow to enjoy!