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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Travel Vaccines in Ulsan

We tend to get many requests about travel vaccinations from people heading out from Ulsan on various short or long term adventures. Thanks to Jenn Levy for this helpful information.

“For travel vaccinations we went to Dr June in Nam Gu. He’s at the Asian-Pacific Medical Center, which is on the 3rd floor of the Namgu Homeplus (pinned on the Interactive Map under “shopping” – ed). The clinic’s phone number is 052-261-9155, and they are open holidays and weekends.  He speaks excellent English too!

Dr. June 2

 We got the following vaccinations there:

Hep A – ₩65 000

Hep B – ₩20 000

Japanese Encephalitis – ₩20 000

Typhoid – ₩25 000 (although this is only ₩5 000 at the Buk Gu Health Centre, which is behind Buk Gu Office)

Tetanus – ₩25 000

DPT – ₩25 000

(The prices are all for adult vaccinations. Children’s are cheaper. <Prices as of Feb 2014, subject to change – ed>)

As rabies is extremely rare in Korea, the vaccine is difficult to get, as the doctors have to get some kind of authorisation for a prescription. Dr June said unless you’re working closely with animals or you’re travelling with children (who may touch dogs etc and not say so) it’s unlikely that you’d need it.

For Malaria, we were going to get the precription from Dr June, but he was on vacation at that point, so we went to the Buk Gu Health Centre (pinned on the Interactive Map under “Medical” -ed) and got our prescription there.

The only place that we could actually pick up the prescription though, was from the pharmacy next to Dong Gang hospital (pinned on the Interactive Map under “Medical” – ed). The malaria tablets we got were Malerone (aka Atovaquone-proguanil, which are more expensive than doxycycline: they were ₩119 000 for 38 tablets!).

I did a lot of research into malaria tablets via the American Center for Disease Control website (it works best in Chrome) and they say for mainland Asia, you only need them for Cambodia (Siem Reap and Angkor Wat specifically).  Everywhere else, you just have to cover up and use repellant if you are in forested areas, or places with still water.”