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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Ulsan Cup 2012


Time: 26 May 09:00 – 19:00 and 27 May 09:00 – 18:00.

Location: Simnidaebat Chukku-jang A, B, C 십리대밭축구장 in Junggu, Ulsan

THE ULSAN CUP is a soccer tournament held on the Korean Peninsula for expat teams. It is played every year in Ulsan, a city famous for whales, ships and cars.

The tournament was established in 2008 and is currently the only major tournament for expatriate teams in South Korea. Each year 16 teams compete to take the trophy, purse and the title of “Best Expatriate Team in Korea”.

 Use the long weekend in May for lots of football.

In our fifth year we are looking yet again at putting together the best teams on the peninsula to battle it out in the only country wide cup for expatriate soccer in Korea.

After the huge successes of the previous tournaments the 2012 tournament is shaping up to be the best yet.

The Ulsan Amateur Football League, Junggu district of Ulsan Metropolitan City & The Won Shot Wanderers FC bring you the 2012 Ulsan Cup.

The tournament is sponsored and run by:

WON SHOT WANDERERS FC – The expatriate football team in Ulsan. The Won Shots were established in 2002 by a group of football supporters who travelled to the city to watch the world cup.

THE ULSAN LEAGUE – An amateur soccer league that was established in 2000. The league comprises of five divisions and is active in a lot amateur football on the Korean Peninsula.

ULSAN METROPOLITAN CITY – Ulsan is South Korea’s seventh largest metropolis with a population of over 1.1 million. Ulsan is home to the world’s largest automobile assembly plant operated by Hyundai Motor, the world’s largest shipyard operated by Hyundai Heavy Industries, and the world’s largest oil refinery owned by SK Energy.

HYUNDAI TIGERS – Ulsan Hyundai FC was established on 6 December 1983, as Hyundai Football Club, with Incheon, Gyeonggi as its franchise and Horangi (Horangi means tiger) as its mascot. They entered the league in 1984, finishing the season 3rd. In 1986, In the early 1990s, the club moved to Ulsan, becoming Ulsan Hyundai. They became the league champion in 1996 first.


Foreigner Compound FC, Won Shot Wanderers FC, DH Ulsan FC, Inter Busan FC, and Busan United FC from Ulsan or Busan.

FC Daegu, Daegu Devils, Sydney Street and Changwon Wednesday FC from Daegu or Gyeongsang.

Gwangju Inter FC Jeonju Unathletic FC, Suncheon IFC and Jejuventus FC from Jeolla or Jeju.

Seoul British FC, Seoul Villans, Malaysian Students FC, Storndan FC, Seoul Celtic FC and  Inter Suwon FC from Seoul or Gyeonggi

A big thank you to all the teams that have attended the tournament in the previous years. We aim to build upon the success of last year and we have implemented a number of your suggestions to make the tournament better.

 We hope that you will return this year to help us bring another great tournament to its fruition.

Entry to the cup will be 300,000won per team.

 We will provide the following;

• Three top class artificial turf pitches (all in the same location).

• Dedicated medical staff & ambulances.

• KFA regulated referees & third officials.

• Winners purse (W500,000) & trophy.

• Runners up purse (W300,000) & plate.

• Third place trophy

• Player & Club awards (purse & trophy).

• A dedicated hotel 15 minutes walk from the pitches, with discounted rates for Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights (including players family).

• Western food & refreshments during the tournament.

 If you lose out on the winners’ trophy there will be a runners up plate & purse guaranteeing you football and something to play for all weekend long.

Over our three years we have seen many teams come to Ulsan. Only a few go away with the title of “Best Foreign Team in Korea”

TEAMS WHO HAVE STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE IN THE PAST- Busan United(Busan), WSW FC(Ulsan), OutKasts FC(Seoul), Cheoyong FC(Ulsan), Inter Busan(Busan), FCFC(Ulsan), FC Storndang(Yongin/Seoul), Jeonju UFC(Jeonju), VN-Gyeongju FC(Gyeongju), Seoul International FC(Seoul), FC Daegu(Daegu), Gwangju IFC(Gwangju), Total Usan(Ulsan), Daegu Devils(Daegu), Suncheon IFC(Suncheon), Sparta Busan(Busan), Seoul Celtic(Seoul), Deagu United(Daegu), SBFC(Seoul), Gyeongju FC(Gyeongju), DMZ FC(Busan), Jinju FFC(Jinju), Ofon Dragons(Ulsan), Jejuventus (Jeju), Malaysian Students FC (Seoul), Seoul Villans (Seoul)

TEAMS WHO HAVE TAKEN THE TITLE – Busan United(2008), Seoul Celtic(2009), Jeonju UFC(2010), Deagu Devils (2011)


Last year 16 foreign teams from all over Korea competed in a tournament that had great atmosphere.


◀▶ 2011 Ulsan Cup Results ◀▶

★ Champions: Daegu Devils

★ Runners up: Busan United

★ 3rd: FC Daegu

★ 4th: Storndang FC

★ Golden Boot : Mark Rochford, # 71 from Daegu Devils

★ Silver Boot : Nick Marshall, # 19 from Busan United

★ Best Referee : Mr. Hong Pilgon

◀▶Plate Cup◀▶

★ Winners : Malaysian Students FC

★ Runners Up : Gwangju Inter FC

This year we are keeping to four groups of four. Once we have all 16 berths filled we will draw teams from four pools (Seoul-Gyeonggi, Daegu-Gyeongsang, Busan-Ulsan, Gwangju-Jeolla and Others). This means that you will not be pooled with teams that you regularly play against in your weekend leagues.

 If you would like to request more information on the rules, schedule, and any other information please view the discussions tab or contact us via email.

 Your contacts for this years’ cup are:

Erik Olsen – 010 9105 1177

Philip Heo – 010 9322 3629

Both can be reached through

Our Facebook pages will be updated with all the relevant rules & regulations for the tournament, along with the schedules, directions and hotels.  Closer to the cup we will email all managers with all the important information that your team will need.

Best Regards

The Ulsan Cup Team