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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Ulsan Parents Club

Many foreigners who come to Korea come here to work, take in a little culture, see the world, make a bit of coin and then move on, never staying beyond their first contract. However, a growing number of foreigners have entered into long-term relationships with the Korean’s they’ve met and have made Korea their home.  Still others have made a much more significant commitment and have chosen to reproduce and raise their children here.

In an effort to foster a climate of cooperation, increase knowledge sharing and just have some general family-oriented camaraderie, Aaron Corn has begun the Ulsan Parents Club. Open to anyone with kids, Aaron says the group has been created as a way for English speaking people to share information and advice on raising children in Ulsan.

To that end, the Ulsan Parents Club has scheduled its first family get-together at Ulsan Grand Park on Saturday, September 27th at 11:30am.  Check the Social Calendar for details.

Those wishing to learn more information or wish to join UPC should point their browsers to the UPC Facebook Group.

Although this writer no longer has small children and won’t be having any more, he is the father of two adult girls and the grandfather of twins and a proud member of UPC. We hope to see you at the park on the 27th with your pretty children in tow.

My twin granddaughters, Jillian(l) and Jenna(r), proof that I am a parent.

My twin granddaughters, Jillian(l) and Jenna(r), proof that I am a parent.