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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Ulsan Sports Day

The folks at Benchwarmers Sports Bar are organizing their annual Sports Day again. This is an excellent way to get out, enjoy the sunshine and make a lot of new friends while breaking some bones and getting large bruises. Just kidding about that last part.

Where: Taehwa Fields- Next to the hotel and the pedestrian bridge

Sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee

Teams: Random Live Draft the night before at Benchwarmers (teams out of hat)

Players: 6 teams of 10 are ideal, will adjust for numbers

Time: Live Draft – 10:30pm Friday May 14th (must pre register on this page to get your name in the hat and also be present in the bar by draft time or you can not participate due to issues with numbers and fairness to those who show up) If you have a friend that will join from out of town….write on the wall their names and we can get them in the draft if they can’t make it Friday night. Each team will receive T-Shirts of the same color and team name can be decided after team is formed.

Sports Day: Events will start at 1:00 pm no exceptions. 2 Divisions of 3, Round Robin and then cross over finals. Winner will receive prizes to be announced….also individual awards will be handed out such as MVP etc… party at Bench will be where the prizes etc will be handed out, and more heavy drinking.

Extra Info: This will be a great weekend for drinking, sport, and socializing. Random teams will not only promote fairness, but also to meet new people. Should be a great weekend, the weather should be great at that time. BBQ will be running all day, as will the booze so please come out and enjoy a great weekend with your fellow foreigners.

Price: Will be 15 000. This will include your tshirt with Sports day logo and also cover the prizes and booze given out (mostly as prizes)