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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Ulsan unveils first police bicycle unit

May 2nd marked Korea’s first bicycle day here in Ulsan. As trail building continues across the city, the cities attempt to green it’self up is seen next in the launching of bicycle police. The Joongang Daily wrote this story.±¸¼®±¸¼® ²Ä²ÄÇÏ°Ô, ÀÚÀü°Å ź °æÂû


These police are the first in Korea. The Joongang Daily notes that ““It is much better and much more efficient to use bikes when going through narrow back streets and downtown roads where traffic is normally jammed,” Lee Chul-soo, an officer in the agency’s public safety division, said. “Bikes are also useful to get close to criminals quietly.”

Also, The city will deploy the officers in areas with a lot of “sneaky thieves and robbers.” I’d take it to mean Okdong, with all the hagwon owners around, I can’t think of an area of the city with more sneaky thieves and robbers!