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Update on the T-Hope Christmas Party!

In this story ( ) we talked about T-Hope’s upcoming Christmas party. Here’s some follow-up information on how you can help, even if you can’t show up on Christmas Day.

Here are the latest details on how to make donations for the kids gifts – either the gifts themselves, or monetary contributions that volunteers can use to purchase gifts.

Drop off locations:

Royal Anchor Toy Drive on Friday night, December 16  or for more information.


Sunday, December 18

(daytime; location to be determined – STAY TUNED!)

* Toys should be ~20,000 Won

If you’re buying a toy, see below for the breakdown of children we need toys for and

PLEASE send us a personal message with the following information:

       * number of toys purchased

       * age group

       * gender


We’ll keep the note in the Ulsan Online Facebook Group updated with our progress!

Infants and Toddlers – 10 Boys, 10 Girls.

Kindergarten – 8 Boys, 6 Girls

Elementary – 18 Boys, 12 Girls

Middle School – 12 Boys, 14 Girls

High School – 13 Boys, 3 Girls



***  Can’t make it to one of the drop off locations and/or times but want to help?  No worries!  We will be purchasing gifts with money collected from people just like you!


Just head on over to an ATM an make your donations to:

Name: T-HOPE

Bank: NongHyup

Bank Account: 302-0215-8959-51