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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

UPDATE: Police Help for Foreigners

There is an update on the Foreign Emergency Response System (previously discussed here here and here on   idea we pitched to the police last year. Originally they were given an outline for this plan and it was taken pretty well.

The survey put some hard evidence in their hands. Thanks again for everyone who filled it out. After waiting for two full months there were contacted again and was informed there is a new head of foreign affairs. So a meeting was held with him last week. This is what happened.

He was aware of this initiative (not the details) and it was actually kicked up to Seoul for the powers that be to have a look at.The  idea was laid out to him and the survey results shown to him. He was definitely receptive and believes there is definitely a need for this and the idea was sound. He was preached to for a bit and was told him he’d be a hero and his career will take off for being the man that saved foreigners in Korea. Like most bureaucracies, they move at the speed of hair growth so who knows how long this will take.

Take care everyone