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Volunteers Needed for the Orphanage

Volunteer organization T-Hope will be going to the Orphanage this Sunday. They need at least 30 volunteers for the 4 different activities. (110 kids)

1) Nursery/ Kindies

2) Arts/Craft & Hiking Elementary & Middle school

3) Games/ Chatting High School girls

4) Soccer Middle & High School boys

Volunteers will meet at the Eonyang bus terminal on Sunday, October 24th. To get to there, take city bus number 1703, 1713 or 1723 to Eonyang bus terminal.

For those of you who are interested in playing soccer, we will start at 2:30. Make sure to be at Eon Yang Bus Terminal by 2:15pm. For the rest of the activities, starting time will be 3pm.

Be at the Eon Yang Bus Terminal no later than 2:45pm and someone will be there to pick you up.

Please contact Dan Gauthier  at 010-3855-9314 and let him know which activities you will be interested in.