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Volunteers Needed!

Utopia Social Service Team, from Ulsan University are looking for volunteers to join them:

Hello! We are social service team ‘Utopia’. We are planning to go to education service activities this winter. Our purpose of this program is to make children not afraid of foreigners and to know various cultures. Foreigners will share their cultures, for example their country manners, music and games with the children.


You can not only do the social service but also communicate with the Korean students.


We are expecting to meet you soon!

We are looking for foreigners who are interested in culture exchange and can speak Korean a little.




Subject : Voluntary service about culture exchange to Elementary school children 



Date: January 13 – 17th




Place : Shin-Won Elementary School




Day 1 (1/13)


Ice-breaking : we will introduce ourselves and play some games to build a relationship with Korean students


Play some games from other countries


Day 2 (1/14)


Learn the locations and capitals of your countries


Compare holidays of Korea and other countries


Compare manners of Korea and other countries


Day 3 (1/15)


The children will search about Korean culture and their city, then explain it to teachers


Day 4 (1/16)


The children will watch an animation and study some phrases


Review the phrases with some games



Day 5 (1/17).


Sing a song of your country


Farewell party





** You are requested to pay a fee of 50,000 won for food during 5 days. And travel cost is another fee as well

We hope you like these programs and if you have some more great ideas, please let us know.


We can make a super great time together!!









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If you want to join us or you need more information about the program, contact to 010-2850-0557 / 010-7564-0076 or email or