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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Welcome New EPIK Teachers!

March 2nd marks the first day of the new school year for students in Ulsan. That day also marks the first day of work for many new teachers that arrived in Ulsan only a week ago. Ulsan Online would like to welcome all of the teachers to Ulsan and to give you a quick tour of our site and our city.

Ulsan Online

This is by far the best resource in Ulsan aside from certain lifers lurking around the city. There is so much information here that we’d like to show you a few of the key features to this site that will help you get settled and get around. The “City Information” tab will give you pretty much every thing you need to know about living in Ulsan, here is a brief overview.

The New KTX Station

Transportation an important aspect of Korea and one of the major complaints about Ulsan. Lack of a subway system means that residents rely heavily on grounded transportation or personal vehicles unlike other cities in Korea. Thus, the need for  English bus schedules and route information is needed. Fear not, Ulsan Online went through the painstaking process just for you!

Ulsan Bus Routes

Ulsan Train Routes

Mybi Cards, these are Korea’s version of the bus pass. They are sold at major stations in the little white shacks. Places that I am talking about are Haksoeng station, Taehwa River bus stop, in front of Bennigan’s and also the Gonuptap Rotary side of Ulsan Grand Park. The words are in konglish so you do not need to speak Korean to get them. They work on a charge system, so you just have to put money on them and swipe them upon entering the bus. Buses are cheap and cost about 1,000 or 3,100 for the 5000 series (new red busses) which do runs out to the KTX station. Mybi cards can also be used in subways, taxis and parking lots but check first to see if your card will work outside of Ulsan.

The train stations have recently been separated and I noticed that some people used to the old single “Ulsan Station” tend to get confused. Be aware, that Ulsan Station is now located out of town near Eon-yang and is only a KTX station, that is the high-speed rail system in Korea. Thus it does not service all cities in Korea, just the major ones. Taehwagang Station, is the old station and it runs the regular trains that service the rest of the country. These are the cheaper trains and you can get to places like Haeudae beach for about 3,000 won.

Taxis are efficient and can be found on mass throughout the city. Fares start at 2,200 won and increase after 12 am. You will find that for the most part, the drivers are friendly and helpful but be aware that they may be crusty and grumpy some days too. Be patient and they will take you where you want to go for cheap.

Shopping and Night Life

There are several great places to shop for things that fit a westerner’s need while living in a foreign country. After a while you will need some things from home, like home food, deodorant, bacon, etc. Again, Ulsan Online has taken the steps to make it easier for you. First, lets look at the Where to Buy… feature located under the leisure and culture tab. Simply type the product that you are looking for in the search field and the answers will come instantly.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for try Korea Cost Cutters This is a service run by Ulsan Online and Thistle Solutions to bring the western foods you need from the surrounding Costco Stores to convenient Locations around Ulsan. Here is a list of what they have to offer Imagine, never having to leave the city for the foods you crave. Not many smaller cities like Ulsan have this service. Other stores to look at are places like Foreigner Town, which has a wide variety of hard to find items.

As for other shopping areas, Mugeo Dong (university district), Seongnam Dong (old downtown) and Samsan Dong (new downtown) are all good places to shop. Mugeo Dong is the university area so expect a lot of cafes, cheap food and cheap fashion for younger people. You will also find some decent bars there too, like Purple Haze and Cafe MomoSeongnamdong is the old downtown but offers two theaters, many restaurants and decent cafes. There are also great dollar shops like Diaso for people looking to pick up things for their new apartment on the cheap side.

Samsandong is quickly becoming the trendy area for both young Koreans and foreigners alike. Sporting two high end department stores, Several western restaurants like Outback Steakhouse and Bennigan’s, and numerous bars, this is becoming the place to be in Ulsan. With the new face lift the area received in the last year, it is finally looking like something more than a rundown side street.

For more information about Ulsan’s thriving nightlife, check out Ulsan Online’s Nightlife Guide

Also check out the extensive restaurant reviews for any place worth eating in Ulsan.

Lastly, Myself, Jason Teale and long time resident/legend Troy McDonald will be hosting an Orientation and Awareness Night that will give you the answers to your burning questions and give you some safety tips about some of the challenges and dangers you might face while living in Ulsan. The event will be held on March 5th, 2011 at 6:00 pm at Ulsan’s legendary Benchwarmer’s Bar. Following the talks will be a great night with specials and great music. Click the like above for more information.

I would like to wish all the best in your new life in Ulsan and I hope that Ulsan Online and the information that we’ve provided will help you to have the best time here in this great city. Clear your schedule for March 5th at 6 pm and I will try and answer all of you questions.