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Driver’s License

How do I get a driver’s license?

A registered foreigner can obtain a driver’s license like a citizen. All procedures and testing requirements are same as any other citizen. Written tests are available in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, or Thai. Ulsan Police officials help foreigners and immigrant women prepare a written test by providing free booklets and classes. For more information, please contact the nearest ‘Foreign Affairs Division’ at police department.

If I have a valid driver’s license from another country, how can I apply for Korean driver’s license?

Please prepare relevant documents such as the original driver’s license from a foreign country, certificate of embassy from the country where the driver’s license was issued (If it is not written in Korean or English, You need a notarized translation of the original driver’s license from a foreign country), the original passport or the certificate of the facts concerning the entry & exit, Alien Registration Card, three photographs (4X6cm) and a fee.

Visit a driving test center, fill out a form with prepared documents and take a written test.
Tel) 1577-1120 (, available English, Chinese, and Japanese)

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