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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

JJ’s 5th Anniversary Party

12/09/17 20:00 - 12/10/17 05:00
JJ's Bar
Address: 5 Jungang 1(il)-gil, Jung-gu, Ulsan, South Korea

JJ’s Bar would be absolutely nothing without all of you amazing people. You really are what makes it all worth it and to show our appreciation, June and I would like to throw an anniversary party you’ll never forget.


(8pm-9pm) All Red Rock drafts will be ₩1,000. This isn’t a ploy or some kind of trick. We also don’t want you to feel guilty or feel like you’re taking advantage. If you can drink 8 beers in an hour, great! All we ask is that you order one at a time and pay with cash.

3 Jose Cuervo Shots- ₩10,000
Yeager Bombs- ₩5,000
JJ’s Jungle Juice- ₩4,000


(10:00-10:30) The Lost Boys- This will be the first live performance for this awesome three-piece folk group!

(10:30-11:30) Temper Temper
After a 6 month hiatus, Temper Temper will reconvene for this special occasion. They will be rocking out the tunes you know and love. Sure to be a great show!

(11:30-12:00) We’ll be playing and taking requests for rump-shaking tunes to carry us into the early hours of the morning!!