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Cypher Open Mic at Cima Bar

Posted by on Apr 24, 2018 in | Comments Off on Cypher Open Mic at Cima Bar

SUMMER IS HERE I hope everyone is having a good week. We’re booking our next Cypher at Cima bar for Saturday, May 12th at 5pm. Let’s start a little earlier and enjoy the sunshine.. Come by and share some of what you’ve been working on. Welcome to poets, storytellers, acoustic musicians and really anyone who has something to share. What makes us work is that we keep very simple rules. To quote Carlos Williams, if you’re going to speak, don’t say anything you’re not willing to go to the mat for.. That’s pretty much it. FREE SHOT if you sign up 😉 Saturday, May 12th , 5:00-ish, but probably closer to 5:30 though, let’s be honest with ourselves. If it’s your first time performing, never fear, we have the most welcoming crowd, and that shot will certainly...

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