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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Free Korean Language Classes

This fall the Ulsan Global Center in Ulsan’s City Hall will be holding free Korean Language classes.

*Registration Period for Fall- 2020*:

Free Korean Classes
– Ulsan Global Center (Term 2/2020 )
□ Korean Language Program
● Period: Sep 7 ~ Dec 17. 2020
● Place: Ulsan Global Center (6F, a municipal assembly hall), Ulsan City Hall
● Number of Students: 20 ( Max )

Schedule and Textbook

High beginner ( Mon & Thu )
Mon: weekly
Thu: bi-weekly
6:30pm~ 8:20pm
서강한국어 Compact Series 2
(Student’s Book& Workbook)
Intermediate ( Tue & Thu )
Tue: weekly
Thu: bi-weekly
6:30pm ~8:20pm
Tue: 서강한국어 3A
(Student’s Book)
Thu: 연세한국어 읽기 3

※ We will focus on reading and speaking for Intermediate class on Thursdays.
※ Class time can be changeable on special occasions such as the instructor’s schedule.
※ You will be placed based on your level after registration.
□ Registration (Free of Charge)
● Period: Aug 17 ~ Sep 4, 2020 (for 3 weeks)
● Who is eligible? : Any English teachers or English speakers

● How to apply:
‣ E-Mail :, 김태득) cc to (Teacher, Annie Park)
‣ FAX : 052-229-2819 ‣ TEL: 052-229-2812
‣ Visit : Ulsan Global Center (6F, a municipal assembly hall), Ulsan City Hall
(Address: Jungang-ro 201, Nam-gu, Ulsan)

The classes are free but your attendance is required. Also try to come early to class as tardiness is frowned upon. Being absent too many times could affect your chances of getting into the class next time.

Kakao Maps bus information for Ulsan City Hall