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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Latest info on MOE changes

Rumours have been swirling for the past few weeks about the Ministry of Education requiring its own set of documents for all teachers. Scott Rotzoll from Go East Recruiting has talked to Ministry officials today, and this is the current standing. Please note that as with anything coming from a bureaucratic agency, it could change at any moment…

Apparently, this new requirement applies to Academy teachers only. University and Public School teachers should not have to submit duplicate documents.

Academy (hogwan) teachers will have to do the health check again (new teachers can get two copies when checked the first time).

The only things that you can submit copies of are the criminal check, diploma, and apostilles. If you haven’t a copy of these items, you have to go to immigration, personally, and they will give you photocopies.

All other documents (contract, resume, photos, etc.) must be originals.

All of this must be done by December 26th.

The Ulsan immigration office is located at the far end of the Earth in Jangsangpo (it’s near the port where all of the sailors come and go, which is handy for the sailors, but sucks for the English teachers). Most workers there do not speak much, if any, English. Be advised to take a Korean co-worker or friend with you. Lineups can also be quite lengthy, so go early. It’s closed from 12-1 for lunch. And it can be difficult to get a taxi on the way back, so be prepared to call for a cab.

Your school *should* pay for these extra expenses – the health check, and travel to and from Jangsangpo. Many schools are doing so, and this cost should not come out of the teachers pocket.