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Pottery Classes in Dal Dong

A homemakers sense of beauty and style can be so homogenous because our options are limited. This means our cupboards are decorated with very similar dishes, cups and crockery. Sometimes I think that I fancy owning and decorating my kitchen with unique, original, valuable and meaningful ceramics. The ceramics which can be made ourselves, with our ingenious inspirations  can be family heirlooms. We can also later share our experience, and reminisce with our descendants through our creations. Pottery usually is baked at a  very high temperature, so its durability is very strong therefore we don’t have to worry about how we preserve them.

Store 4

I searched everywhere for pottery lessons and then finally I found a wonderful place located very accessibly, near by the Nam-gu public office (Namgu Cheong) in Dal Dong.

Dal Dong Park

The reason why I choose the gallery is that the potters provide various paper-templates, plaster-templates, gracious dyes, (specifically their dyes and shape of pottery is said to be elegant and attractive) and also the freedom they allowed me to find my own style. I think their non-excessive interference is good for our originality.

The classroom

We just keep in mind and respect every potter’s tenacity for their style. They want the style to be inherited and to teach Korean types of pottery to everybody, regardless of nation and race.

Two or three  months after we begin learning, and have mastered the basics, we can choose and make what we want. We can emulate our teachers products or we can create original pieces.

Classroom 2

Because their products are so phenomenal,  we bend over backwards to recreate their pieces, and we can do it by taking our teachers advice and direction.

I used a plaster template

I used


I made to my taste

We can  learn about a distinguished potters craft. For reference they have an exhibition hall to sell their products and they also take orders from gorgeous restaurants.

The exhibition and shop

After we are accustomed to the skills, we can buy a tiny kiln, which is just like an electronic rice cooker and then we can bake pottery in the house.

Whenever I put meals on my potteries, I’m proud of myself, the pottery upgrades the class of food and when I present my own creation to my precious friends their blissful gaiety adds to my pleasure, because the pottery which they were presented is the only one in the world, even though we take an inspiration though other potters.

The gallery is open from 10:30a.m. to 8p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.

Store 3

I usually stay for over 3 hours a day. When I am tired of working, I can take a rest and drink a cup of coffee at the well-landscaped Mun-hwa park which located just beside the gallery, and can make an appointment for my next lesson, and then I can create again.

In the same building as the gallery and workshop there is also a very famous Korean restaurant. The gallery is on the first  floor and the restaurant which is second to none in wrapped-rice with lotus leaf is on the 2nd floor of the building.

Healthy rice wrapped in a lotus leaf, served on hand-made pottery

If we’d like to eat in that restaurant, we usually have to book a table 1 or 2 days before. They put all of their meals on the potter’s products and they use 13 ingredients when they cook rice. The restaurant is remarkable for vegetarians too. This is because they serve vegetable-based meals. (there will on occasion be some fishy side dishes). The main dish is 12,000won per portion. The name is Sung-won-cha.

Restaurant Table

The restaurant also has a another room for tea ceremonies and for sells natural-dyed clothes, many pieces of accessories and bags.

Restaurant Sign

If your spirit of creation is moved, shall we take pottery lessons to diffuse our wily emulation and for the day when we will be able to pass a finest heirloom down our pottery in Han Jin An gallery?

The name of gallery : Han Jin An ( 한 진 안)

Lesson fee : Once a week-100,000won, Twice a week-200,000won for each month.

Baking fee in the electronic kiln : 15,000won each kilogram according to our product’s weight.

Class schedule : Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30a.m. to 8p.m.

Starting time is up to you but before change your regular time, you should tell them about your schedule.

Preparation material : A set of gravers – which are easily and cheaply bought in Gu-am stationary store (location pinned on Interactive Map under “Shopping”)  – and an apron.

Everything else is provided, and when you finish, out of politeness, you had better put tools back in their place.

Location : Near the Cultural Center/KBS Hall/ Namgu Office – (pinned on the Interactive Map under “Culture”

or look at this satellite view

Telephone no : 052) 266. 9979