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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Alternative Rock … on Violin

Looking to get out and fill your ears with some new sounds? This concert may be just the thing your body needs. Eugene Park hits the stage at the Ulsan Cultural Arts Center on Friday, July 15th in Ulsan for an exciting night of alternative rock music, traditional Korean music and classical.

The concert is entitled “Nostalgia, Eugene’s Special Edition” and will encompass a variety of musical styles.   His alternative rock reference music includes name brands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Oasis and Muse while his classical music references Shostakovich. Korean traditional music such as Arirang and Samulnori can be expected as well. Eugene says the theme for the night music is Love and Memory and he’ll play pieces that will evoke love for fans, family, mom, Korea and childhood memories.

Eugene has been in the music world from a very young age. He was born in New York and studied Music at Juilliard from the age of 8 and played at the Lincoln Center at age 13. After graduating from Juilliard, he came back to Korea and has played several concerts around the country.

If getting a bit of western Alternative Rock music in your soul is what the doctor prescribes to keep the homesick blues away, Eugene Park is the medicine.

Tickets are 35,000 to 45,000krw (depending on seating) and are available by calling RNJ Music at 052-272-5222 (ask for “gong-yeon-moon-whei” or reservations). Or you can go to  Interpark or Auction Ticket (this site is IE only) to purchase.