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Ballerina Who Loves a B-Boy

Ballerina who loves a B-boy“, the widely acclaimed non-verbal performance,  will perform at KBS Ulsan Hall on June 23rd Saturday, 3:00 and 6:00 PM.

 Ballerina who loves a B-boy has had more than 1.5million spectators and promoters claim that it is  the most enthusiastic non-verbal show in the world. The show combines break-dance, rock, hip-hop and classical ballet.

Promoter Chris ChangMin Lee of ShowBoy, Inc. would like to introduce this show to foreigners living in Ulsan and hopes many will attend.

“Ballerina who loves a B-Boy” is characterized by a word-less script joining together street dance with the princess of the performance arts, ballet.  No matter if you are young or old, male or female, “Ballerina who loves B-Boy” releases you from all barriers, filling you with a sense of camaraderie with all those around you, and makes you realize you are but a part of the whole.  Furthermore, the performance will help you to find that within you, much as it is within the dancers on stage, resides an unlimited source of energy. Applause and jubilation without end run from the moment the curtain opens as the area turns into an atmosphere similar to that of a pop star concert or a World Cup Final.

The performance is divided into seven chapters defined by dance music that  raises the spirits and beautiful classics that relax the soul. Recognized world-wide as a performance with an appeal so strong that the audience are unable to shut their eyes for even a second, “Ballerina who loves B-boy” is a love story about how a Ballerina, her heart stolen by a breath-taking B-boy dancer,  changes into a B-girl.


Those interested in attending should call 010-9964-2046 or email  for reservations.