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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Beat Bar

Beat Bar is a great place, where all kinds of people go.  It is a melting pot of teachers, engineers and locals.

Beat Bar from Outside

Beat Bar from Outside


The bar owner Pete Beat and his colleagues are really cool and friendly. Every time you walk into the bar they all say “Hello”, it’s like being in the TV show ‘Cheers.’  There is free popcorn on the tables and at the bar too. For some entertainment there is a darts board and a pool table.


At the start of the evening the place can seem very quiet but it does get busier. After 12pm the place is usually busy with people dancing.


I find that Beat Bar has “waves” of customers, by that, I mean a lot of people will arrive and it will be busy, then after an hour or so there will be a lull until the next wave arrives.


Beat bar has the best of both worlds; lounging and dancing.  You can chat and relax, play pool or darts and dance the night away. It’s free to get in too which is always a big plus.

beat bar 2beat bar 3

Music:  It usually plays a mixture of hip hop, R n B and dance music.

Costs (variable):

Vodka  and a mixer:  6000won

Beer:  5,000won

Drink Promotion:




If you have your back to W garden, turn left, walk straight, go over the crossroads and it’s on your left. It’s in the basement.

Google coordinates: 35.539787, 129.336650