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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Best of Ulsan – Nightlife – Drinking

Drinking is a big part of Korean culture. In many work environments, you’re expected to go out drinking with your boss and coworkers. But Korean’s aren’t the only ones who like to drink, as one can tell by popping into any of the foreign friendly bars around town on a Saturday night. So, where are the most popular places to hang out, and where are the best drinks in town?

With 50% of the vote, Cima is a clear favourite for Best Foreigner Bar. But it’s not the only place to go. Benchwarmer’s came in with a respectable 2nd place finish, with 25%, and Anchor was in 3rd with 12%.

There was a lot more variety of votes for Best Pub. While many places received a handful of votes each, the lions share went to Benchwarmer’s Bar (clearly we need to do a new review! any takers?), with 34%. Golden Eagles gets an honourable mention with 22%.

The numbers suggest that not a lot of people frequent Korean Hof’s when heading out for the night, but a few were mentioned: BRD, Sool Zip and Tudari were all mentioned as a favourite Hof in town.

If you’re looking for a beer experience that takes you beyond Hite, our readers voted Trevi Brauhaus as hands down the Best Microbrewery in Ulsan, with 80% of the vote. Weizen Brauhaus, hidden away in the back streets of Mugeodong, came in a distant second in this category.

There was no clear winner in the Best Alcohol Selection category, as the votes were smattered across a number of submissions. WGarden in Samsandong received 25% of the vote, followed by a 2-way tie between Golden Eagles (Samsan) and Pub HQ (in Seobudong, Donggu) with 16% each.