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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Best of Ulsan – Nightlife, Music

When asked about the best places in town for music, or to dance the night away, Ulsanites had this to say:

The best place in town to hear Live Music, is Royal Anchor, with 66% of the vote. With regular performances by both Korean and foreign bands, Mr. Kim is rocking the house in Old Downtown (tell the taxi driver Shinae, Shigaytap).

If you’re looking to get your dance on, Rococo is the place to go. They won Best DJ (60%), Best Night Club (50%) and Best Dance Club (50%). Beat Bar gets an honourable mention in the Dance Club category, with 25% of the vote. It’s a little surprising that none of the big, fancy places like Champions or Holiday placed high on the list, but then again, they’ve been known in the past to restrict the entrance of foreigners, particularly guys.

So, to summarize, live music is in Old Downtown, dancing is in New Downtown (Samsandong).