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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Best of Ulsan – Nightlife Special Attractions

Alcoholic drinks can be found anywhere. But sometimes its the special attractions that draw us in. These include the Best Patio, Sports Bar, View,  bartender and DJ. Also the best places to place to hook-up, see fast and cool people, get a quiet drink, and get hammered.

  • Benchwarmer’s Sports Bar – with 80% of our readers in agreement, Ulsan’s Best Sports Bar is the Bench. Sure, there are other sports bars, but being Korean they aren’t likely to play the sports our primarily English language readership is  interested in viewing.  Bench Rules!
  • Lounge Roccoco – taking 60% of the vote, Roccoco is the clear winner of the Best DJ  in Ulsan. Hit this place on a Friday or Saturday night while they spin trance all night and you’ll vote for it, too.
  • Cima Bar  – The Best Patio – 70% of our readers voted Cima as having the best outdoor patio.  Let’s hope the new awning withstands Typhoon season.
  • Cima Bar Best View of the Outdoors – 54% of our readers thought Cima has the best view. Although some strong opinions emerged in the voting, the numbers don’t lie. A few places in Gottbawi got some pleas for sanity, but a seaside view at night with nothing but ship lights to see is grim compared to the sights and sounds of a vibrant downtown from Cima’s 4th floor.
  • Cima BarBest Bartender – with 53% of the votes, Cima leads the pack in bartending.  Honorable Mention goes to Benchwarmers with 24% of the vote. Several votes mentioned Al by name but included him in the name of the bar. It’s nice to be loved — which explains our next category.
  • Cima BarThe Best Place to Get Hammered and Not Worry – Cima is the undisputed champ in this field with 66% of the vote.  It always helps to feel OK about OK getting blitzed in public  when the owner himself is blitzed – and trying to kiss everyone.  Go Al!
  • With only 33% of the vote, it’s tough say it’s the best, but Golden Eagles is our readers’ choice and winner of Honorable Mention for a Quiet Place to Have a Drink. Every other place in this category got just single-digit percentages and below.
  • Although not a majority of the votes, Honorable Mention goes to W. Garden for 40% of the votes for the Best Place to See Fast, Cool and Beautiful People. A secondary honorable mention in this category goes to the reader who voted “My Mirror.”  Odds are high this person is fat, ugly and has pimply thighs, but with anonymous voting we’ll never know the truth.
  • Best Place to Hook Up for a One Night Stand – although there were a lot of votes, not a single establishment garnered more than 10% of the vote. No clear winner in this category. Apparently, our readers aren’t choosy about where they get laid.

Although we threw in a couple of categories for fun, neither the Best Gay Bar or Best Tranny Bar got more than a couple votes, and none of those votes were for actual gay  or tranny bars.  Shock, shock, horror horror – there ARE both kinds of places in existence in  Ulsan, but our readers are apparently either A) overwhelmingly heterosexual or B) are wound up tighter than a two-dollar clock and too busy clenching their anuses to  admit they would even venture to such a place much less vote on one.  We report, you decide.

Congratulations to all our winners!