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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Chez Nous

cimg7454Chez Nous is somewhere between a pub and a room salon. This bar mixes the British style of stools and tables with the Korean style sofas in a modern attempt at East meets West.  With a giant projector in one corner, and a pool table in the back, Chez Nous attempts to cover EVERY need to the local engineering population.

With a fully stocked bar, English speaking staff and an acceptable pool table, Chez Nous seems like a decent place to hang out. The cocktails start at 7000 won, and the beer, if I remember correctly, starts at 3000 won for a bottle of hite.

Chez Nous is a local hangout for Engineers on their way home after building ships, inspecting ships, talking about ships et cetera. Later in the evening the clientelle becomes a little more, um, diverse.

The bar is located in Gottbawi past Hyundai Beach(ie) apartments on the lower/oceanside road about 800 m from the New Compound.  Map coming soon.