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End of an Era – Or Not??

Once a must-stop on anyone’s weekend drinking binge it has of late fallen into disrepair and disuse. Where throngs of foreigners and Korean drank, talked, smoked, laughed and played pool long into the early morning, it now mostly sits empty save for a few hard-core drinkers with no other place to go.

That all changes tonight. The last night. Tombstone‘s last party is tonight, Friday  August 28th. After that, it’s door will close never to reopen – until it’s bought by some other keen businessperson hoping to capitalize on a name and a location.

Be there, or be square.

LATE UPDATE: While attending the Last Rodeo party it was divulged that the impending sale of Tombstone may be in jeopardy leaving the fate of the fabled foreigner favorite dive hanging. Tombstone may indeed may not be dead – it might be just a flesh wound.  Regardless, the crowd and the drinks last night, both foreign and domestic, stretched from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. It was packed. If you didn’t make it, there may still be time for you to sample one of Ulsan’s legendary night spots before they do finally close.

I have to add that the boys worked like fiends, slinging drinks and smiles in equal measure. I haven’t had that much fun at Tombstone in ages.