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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Festivals in June in Ulsan

The festival season is well on it’s way with the past few weekends being loaded with activities to do for the whole family. The next couple of week should be no different with lots of stuff going on around the city. This past weekend was the famous Rose Festival and now as we push into June we have a ton more festivals to check out .


The 2023 Ulsan Industrial Festival is taking place on June 4th at Ilsan Beach. There will be lots of performances and activities for the whole family

Also there will be a huge fireworks festival on this weekend as well down at Ilsan Beach too!

Also if you are wanting to participate in the parade for the festival, then you can! Reach out to the Ulsan Foreigner Support Center and they can direct you to where you need to go tonight (6/1)


Finally there is an art festival coming up too in Daewangam park.

So there you have it! Tons of Stuff going on in the month of June in Ulsan, South Korea! Get out there and enjoy everything that this wonderful city has to offer!