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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan


DSC00156My guess is you haven’t been there. I’m suggesting you should go.

If you’ve been to DongGu at all, you’ve probably gone to Ilsan Beach, and maybe you’ve checked out some of the bars within eye-shot of the Home Plus. You’ll find some good ones in the area, but one that’s off the beaten track is Harmony, home to some of the best western food in the city, a fantastic bar, and a beautiful, neglected pool table that needs some company.

The bitch of it all, of course, is that Harmony is a bit of a hassle to get to. Sure, 25 minutes on the 1401 plus 100 meter walk will get you there, but where do you get off the bus? And which direction do you turn?  Where is Dong Gu anyway? Isn’t it somewhere near Busan?

To make things easier, I’ve acquired directions from Google Maps and have included them here. You can also check out the map below. From Samsondong, take the 1401 east into DongGu, get off after the bus makes a left turn toward the Dong Gu office (there are big signs)and then walk south for about 100 m. Harmony is on the east side of the main road leading south, which would be the traveler’s left.

Once you get here, do 3 things:

1) Call me

2) Buy me a drink

3) Start playing on one of the least used and most beautiful pool tables in the city. It’s full size and free.

If you’re hungry, check out their expansive menu of western foods, which covers kebobs,  fettucini carbonara,  decent pizza,  burgers,  steak and even to burritos. Last time I went they had added snitzel to the menu, which I can confirm was reasonably tasty. I can’t vouch for the Mexican food, but the pasta, stir fry, kebobs, and Indian food has all been certifiably delicious for about 12,000 won apiece. If you come for dinner, you get a 4 course meal, including salad, bread, and soup. Lunch specials are 2000 won cheaper, and you get a coke or coffee with your meal.


If you’re not hungry, seng mek joo (Cass) is 4000 won, there is a large collection of various other bottled brews, and the bartender is willing to make any mixed drink you like so long as you can tell her how to make it. Those will run about 7000 won apiece, but lets face it, White Russians are worth it.

Lastly, despite Harmony’s size, it manages to maintain an intimate and quiet atmosphere. This is no Wa Bar. Every time I have been there, I have shared the gigantic space with about 4 other patrons. I never had to wait for the pool table, never had to wait for service, and most of the food comes out in 15 minutes or less. For sports fans, if there’s a Champion’s League match to watch, they’ll have it on, and if you have good taste in music, you’ll like Harmony’s playlist.



It’s a solid, under appreciated bar with top notch Western food, cheap beer, and a great atmosphere. Again, the bitch is getting there, but Dong Gu is worth the trek every once in a while, and if you live out by Gottbawi or Ilsan Beach, Harmony is worth 10 minutes on the  106. They’re open for dinner from 6pm till around midnight (the owner assured me if people want to drink, they can stay) during the week, and during weekends they add lunch hours from 12 until 2.

A map is coming soon. good hunting.