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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Lounge Rococo

Somewhat reminiscent of days of old when Acid was where all the cool kids raved, Lounge Rococo keeps the beat thumping. Arty, techno glass and chrome decor surrounds the dance floor where the DJs spin to keep the college-age crowd gyrating.  Or at least swaying to the heavy bass thump. On a recent Friday night visit to Rococo, the dance floor was moderately crowded with young, squeaky clean college student age ravers. It wasn’t immediately clear that this generation of partiers in Ulsan know quite what to do with this style of music and scene. Most were enthralled by DJ Rahma’s spinning trance jams and the ever flowing big screen graphics and laser lights. The music undoubtedly thumped and the bass reverberated righteously through my chest. Even an old codger like me was inclined to gyrate a little to the trance beat. But most of the people on the dance floor were not raving but simply enjoying the music and watching.  The younger set also seems to be skittish  in the western ways of intermingling at dance clubs: girls danced/swayed with girls and boys danced (admittedly the boys had the better moves) with boys. Not a lot of mixing was going on.

Ravers rave and laser lights light the dance floor of sexually segregated partiers

For those in the know, it might be worthwhile to visit Rococo to give the young Korean crowd lessons in raving. This style of dance club has not had much play in Ulsan over the years and their exposure to western ways sometimes requires more than the English lessons they are required to have in university.  Get on down to Rococo and show the locals how to sling poi or trade kandi.

Rococo is located in Samsandong just across the street from Trevi (one block west of Eurus Pub) and north one block from Cima. If you can’t locate it by the sound of the music emanating from the 2nd floor dance club, you’re probably already deaf from too many raves in your own dark past.